Automating Issue Transition

Using a tool like the Automation for Jira you can configure an automatic transition when all items or mandatory items of a checklist are completed.

Depending on the specific automation tool that you use, the exact procedure may vary. Here we describe a general approach which you may need to adapt to your particular automation tool.


  1. Set up the needed definition to sync its completion state to Jira (refer to the Configuring a Checklist page for more details).


  2. Go to the Automation page (depending on the add-on you use) and create a New Trigger for the Field value changed option.


  3. The field you need to track is called 'Checklist Progress - …' followed by the name of the checklist you want to use (e.g. 'Checklist Progress - Definition of Done').


  4. Add a Compare condition which allows the use of regular expressions (e.g. 'Advanced compare condition').

  5. For the field value set {{issue.Name of Your Field}} (e.g. {{issue.Checklist Progress - Definition of Done}}) or select the needed field otherwise depending on the automation add-on you use.

  6. For the condition select "exactly match regular expression".


  7. To transition an issue when ALL items of the checklist are completed, set the Regular expression to: .*Completed


    To transition an issue when MANDATORY items of the checklist are completed, set the Regular expression to: .*(All Mandatory|Completed)


  8. Add a new "Transition Issue" action. On the Transition Issue page select the desired destination status, e.g. Done.


  9. Save and enable the Automation Rule.

Please note that automation rules may run asynchronously. It may take some time or a manual refresh for the issue status to be updated. Refer to the manual of your automation add-on of choice for more details.