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Okapya joins forces with HeroCoders

The two most popular Checklist App vendors, Okapya Software Solutions and HeroCoders, have joined forces at end of December 2021.

The Future of Checklist for Jira Cloud

Since HeroCoders already has Issue Checklist for jira. Pro and that it has a more extensive feature set than Checklist for Jira Cloud, it was decided that the unique features of Checklist for Jira Cloud would be merged into Issue Checklist. This will result in:

  • The creation of Checklist for Jira. Enterprise. This version will combine all the features of Issue Checklist for Jira. Pro with concepts unique to Checklist for Jira Cloud such as Global Items and Checklist Definitions.
  • Checklist for Jira. Enterprise should have the same price tag as the current version of Checklist for Jira Cloud and is expected to be released early summer.
  • Issue Checklist Pro will be renamed to Checklist for Jira. Pro, will keep the same feature set, and should keep the same price tag.

Migration Paths

The current migration path requires you to manually export data from the on-premise app and manually upload it to cloud. We intend the new Checklist for Jira. Enterprise app to integrate with the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to automate the migration efforts.

User tiers of 100 users or less

For those with less than 100 users, you can chose to migrate right now to Issue Checklist for Jira. Pro or to Checklist for Jira Cloud. If you chose to proceed with Checklist for Jira Cloud:

  • The importer is still in Beta, please consult the following article: Importing data in a new Definition.
  • Some questions to determine the size of your import will be asked to you before enabling the beta.
  • Once Checklist for Jira. Enterprise is released, your data will be automatically migrated by accepting the major upgrade. We will also let you know ahead of time of the migration process.

User tiers of more than 100 users

Issue Checklist for Jira. Pro already supports importing data from the on-premise versions of Checklist for Jira and is the required migration path. It's also an opportunity to see if Issue Checklist. Pro meets all of your requirements. If it does, then you should stay on that app and will most likely not need to migrate to the more expensive Checklist for Jira. Enterprise. If you are extensively using the concepts of Global Items and Projects/Issue Types contexts from the on-premise app, you will then want to eventually migrate to the enterprise version. Once Checklist for Jira. Enterprise is released:

  • You will simply need to uninstall Issue Checklist for Jira. Pro and install Checklist for Jira. Enterprise. Since both apps use the same data format, no data migration will be required and you will be able to use the new functionality right away.
  • If you have a monthly subscription, the price will automatically be adjusted after subscribing to the enterprise version and will be reflected in your next monthly invoice.
  • If you have an annual subscription, you can reach out to us via our support portal and we will provide you with a promo code that will allow you to buy the enterprise subscription at a prorated price.

Note for our larger customers or customers wanting annual plans

Since our larger customers typically buy annual plans and that their needs will most likely require the enterprise version, we suggest that you directly buy your annual subscription under Checklist for Jira Cloud. This will allow you to avoid having to pay additional fees when moving to the enterprise version. We will either provide you with a free extension to your Issue Checklist for Jira. Pro trial or a complementary license until the enterprise version is released. Please contact us if you need more information.

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