This documentation is for version 4.x. For the latest documentation, click here

Modifying Checklists using a REST API

You can manipulate Checklists by using the REST APIs from v4 and above.

  • To retrieve an issue's checklist data, you must use the Get Issue REST API.
  • To create an issue and supply checklist data, you must use the Create Issue REST API.
  • To update the checklist data of an existing issue, you must use the Edit Issue REST API.
  • To get the default value (options) of a checklist, you must use the CreateMeta REST API or EditMeta REST API. They are available in allowedValues property. (Only status ID is available with Meta API's. The status name is not)

JSON Schema Information

Checklist Schema

The schema for a Checklist is an array of JSON Checklist item

[checklist-item, ...]

Sample Request Payload

  "update": {
    "customfield_10101": [
        "set": [
            "name": "Code Review",
            "checked": false,
            "mandatory": true,
            "option": true,
            "id": 10003
            "name": "Reviewed by Architect",
            "checked": false,
            "mandatory": true,
            "option": false,
            "id": 1,
            "status": {
              "id": "inProgress"

Request Parameter Description

ParameterSub-parameterDescriptionData TypeAccessibility
Indicates the name of the Checklist item.Stringread-write
idIndicates the ID for the Checklist item. It is not necessary to set the item ID as it is automatically created. If you do set an ID, ensure that it is unique across the entire Checklist.Numberread-write
rankIndicates the rank of the item in the Checklist. Rank starts from 0. While updating the Checklist, the rank value is ignored and the order used is the order in which they are set in the array of Checklist items.Numberread
checkedIndicates if the item is checked.Booleanread-write

Indicates if the item is an option. It this value is set to true, the ID of the item must be set to a valid option ID. Options cannot be created through this REST interface.

If the option value is set to true and ID is not provided, the option value is ignored.

mandatoryIndicates if the item is a mandatory one.Booleanread-write

Indicates an object containing the status information.

nameIndicates the name for the status.Stringread
idIndicates the status ID.Stringread-write