Checklist for Jira - Server & Data Center Docs


This is the Server V5 documentation. If you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere:

  • For the Cloud documentation, go here.

  • For the V4 documentation, go here.

The Checklist app simplifies your day-to-day by integrating checklists directly into your team’s Jira workflow. In addition to basic features such as statuses, assignees, and due dates, Checklist offers powerful functionalities for customizing and validating your checklists — and more!


Checklists are a powerful way to manage your Jira issues and track project progress. Give our User Guide a read to learn how to work with Checklist.

The sky is the limit when it comes to setting up Checklist! Take a peek at our Administrator Guide for help tailoring Checklist to your specific needs.

You can use REST APIs and scripting to programmatically extract and modify Checklist data. Check out our Developer Guide for details.

SERVER documentation (On Cloud? Go here.)
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