This documentation is for version 4.x. For the latest documentation, click here

Glossary Guide

The following table describes the various frequently used terminologies that you might come across while using the Checklist add-on:

Global Item

Global items are global to all the issues. Thus, every global item is always available in all the issues that match the custom field context. You must be an admin user to add a global item in Checklist.

Editing a Checklist
Local ItemLocal items are specific to issues. You are not required to be an admin user to add a local item in Checklist.Editing a Checklist
Custom fieldCustom field are user-defined properties that you want to use in JIRA. Checklist is a custom field type.Configuring a Checklist
BannerBanners display important information to users (for example, in a JIRA Agile board). You can control the banner visibility level based on the type of user.Displaying Checklist Status on Agile Cards
ValidatorValidators check that any input to the transition is valid before the transition is performed.Validating a Checklist
ConditionsConditions check that a transition must be performed by the user.Modifying a Checklist in a Workflow
Post FunctionsPost Functions allow you to perform additional processing once a transition is performed.Modifying a Checklist in a Workflow

Checklist Schema

Checklist schema indicates the metadata of a Checklist. You can modify the schema either through the Admin console or by using REST API.Modifying Checklists using a REST API