Editing parameters (Proxy)

You need administrator rights in Jira to perform the tasks on this page.

Once you have gone to the Custom fields page (see https://okapya.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CHKDOC5/pages/2042364198), click Edit Parameters to customize the various proxy settings:

The following page will appear:


These parameters control the look and feel of the Checklist Read-Only Proxy.

In all fields that allow you to add custom text to your banner or progress bar, the following are supported:





Summaries' Source

Indicates what the proxy’s banner and progress bar base their progression on.

  • All items: The summaries will show progress based on all of the checklist’s items no matter if the item are optional or mandatory.

  • Mandatory items: The summaries will show progress based only on the checklist’s mandatory items.

Changing this parameter changes how the checklist progression is calculated for determining what Custom Banner Labels to display.

Proxy Type

The look and feel of the proxy:

  • Checklist: Displays the entire checklist in read-only mode.

  • Banner: Displays a banner that contains a label that indicates the status of the checklist.

  • Progress bar: Displays a progress bar that shows the status of the checklist.

Checklist configuration

available since 6.0.0

Only Show Unchecked

Hides all checked items automatically.

Banner configuration

Banner Appearance

The color scheme of the banners:

  • Subtle: Displays the banners in muted colors.

  • Normal: Displays the banners in bold colors.

Banner Type

The type of banner that will be displayed:

  • Progression: Displays the same progress summary that appears in the checklist header.

  • Custom Labels: Enables the Banner labels section at the bottom of the page for creating custom checklist statuses.

Banner Prefix

The optional banner prefix that can be displayed:

  • Checkbox icon: Displays a checkbox icon on the left side of each banner.

  • None: Displays the banner as normal, with no prefix.

  • Custom field’s name: Displays the custom field name as the banner prefix.

  • Custom Prefix: Displays a custom banner prefix; enter the prefix in the Prefix field that appears.

Banner labels


Displays the entered custom status when the entire checklist is complete.


Displays the entered custom status when the checklist is partially complete.

All mandatory

Displays the entered custom status when all mandatory items in the checklist are complete.


Displays the entered custom status when the checklist contains no items.

Progress bar configuration

Label type

The type of label displayed on the progress bar.

  • Default: Displays the checklist name and the completion percentage.

  • None: Displays no label.

  • Custom: Displays the specified custom label.

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