Creating and manipulating headers

These features require that the Section Headings setting be enabled.

Headers are useful to organize long checklists and delineate different groups of tasks within the same checklist.

Creating a header

When a header is created, any checklist items that are created underneath it are assumed to belong to that header (until another header is created).

  1. Click in the Add new item text field and enter the header text. If desired, format your header using the syntax in the table below (remember to add a space between the symbols and your header text).


  2. Click the Add header button on the right.







Heading 1

# Header

Heading 2

## Header

Heading 3

### Header

Heading 4

#### Header

Heading 5

##### Header

Heading (unstyled)

#! Header

As a shortcut, you can simply press Enter when you are done typing (as soon as you enter header formatting syntax, the Add header button is highlighted by default).

Converting headers to items

When a header is converted to a checklist item, it will retain all its existing formatting (e.g. heading styles, emojis).

  1. Click the menu button on the right side of a header row.


  2. Click Change to item.

Converting items to headers

When a checklist item is converted to a header, it will retain its formatting (e.g. italics, emojis).

  1. Hover over an item in the checklist and click the menu button.


  2. Click Change to header.

Expanding and collapsing headers

This feature requires that the Section Headings > Collapsible setting be enabled.

Each header will have a caret beside it, which can be clicked to expand or collapse that section.

Moving headers

Headers can be moved and reorganized just like regular items.

Moving collapsed headers

If a header is moved while it is collapsed, all the items within the header will move with it. All the items underneath a header are assumed to belong to that header (until another header or the end of the checklist is reached).

Viewing header summaries

Each header will display a running summary of how many checklist items have been checked in that section.

Adding items under a header

available since 6.2.0

It is possible to add items directly under the desired header.

Click the + button in the header. A text field will appear:

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