Data security and privacy policy

Our data security and privacy policy is as follows. For any further privacy-related inquiries, please contact Okapya.

1. Overview

Okapya Software Solutions Inc. (hereafter “We”, “Okapya”) takes security management seriously and relies solely on secure and reliable infrastructure. Checklist for Jira - Cloud (hereafter the “Software”) is hosted on Heroku (a Salesforce company), a proven Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider.

2. Data storage

Software-specific data is stored on Heroku Postgres. No data about issues, projects or users are stored, except for their associated IDs so that the Software can know its relationship to them. All data is backed up daily, and backups are retained for seven (7) days. Our hosting provider ensures the security of hosted data and applies security best practices. Details about Heroku’s security measures are available here.

3. Facilities

Heroku's servers that run the Software are hosted in the United States.

4. People and access

Our support team maintains an account on all cloud systems and applications for maintenance and support purposes. The support team only accesses hosted applications and data to monitor application health, perform system or application maintenance, and provide support at the customer’s request. Within Okapya, only authorized employees can access application data.

5. Personal data

We do not collect personal data from our customers, other than the identification numbers that are associated with their Atlassian account. We collect anonymous usage data.

We do not use personal data except as necessary to identify customers, provide services, respond to technical issues, provide support, and analyze (on an aggregated and anonymous basis) the use of our services.

The Software is not intended to process personal data, but we may host personal data on behalf of our customers if they choose to upload personal data to the Software. Processing of personal data hosted on the Software is performed by our customers. We process such data only on the instructions of our customers or if required by law.

We do not disclose personal data to any third party, except when authorized by our customers or if required by law.

6. Data subject rights

Depending on your place of residence, you may be entitled to exercise rights provided by applicable law. In most cases, such exercise shall be directed at our customers.

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