Version 5.0.0 was released on December 16, 2020.

Before you upgrade to V5, we recommend that you read https://okapya.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CHKDOC5/pages/1950711813. It is also good practice to test the upgrade on a test environment first.

Supported Jira version

In Checklist 5.0.0, the minimum supported Jira version has changed from Jira 7.2 to Jira 7.11.

New features

Features marked as Enabled by default will automatically be enabled after you upgrade to V5. The other features will need to be manually enabled where desired.

Section headings enabled by default

Checklist items can now be grouped using headers, which is a powerful organization tool. Headers can have a summary of how many items are complete, and can be expanded or collapsed.

You can enable the Section Headings feature, along with the Summary and Collapsible sub-features, in the parameters (see https://okapya.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CHKDOC5/pages/1966112870).

For more information, see https://okapya.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CHKDOC5/pages/1965752439.

Multiline and Markdown

Multiline items and the full Markdown specification are now supported.

  • To create multiline items, enable the Advanced Markdown feature.
    Press Shift + Enter to begin a new line.

  • To add images to items, enable the External Images feature.
    Write ![Image Name](http://image-url.com) to add an image.

User assignment

You can now assign users to checklist items. The available users are the same as in Jira’s assignee list.

You can use JQL to search for items that are assigned to you, or that are assigned to a specific username.

Due dates

You can now set deadlines on checklist items. Color coding helps you quickly see what needs to be done.

You can use JQL to search for items by due date.


You can now set priorities for checklist items. The available priorities come from the issue’s priority scheme.

You can use JQL to search for items by priority.

Item descriptions

You can now add expandable descriptions to checklist items.

Checklist panel views

Checklists can now be displayed as a panel on the left or right side of the issue view.

Agile progress bar

The Checklist Read-Only Proxy can now be displayed as a progress bar, which can be placed on Agile cards.

Bulk editor

You can now update all checklist items at once using the Bulk Operations tool. Choose whether you want to apply your changes to all items, or only a subset.

Free-form editor

You can now modify and copy local checklist items using the free-form editor. This allows your team to work on checklist content in a text document using intuitive Markdown syntax.

Default local items

You can now configure default local items that will be added to checklists when an issue is created. They can be modified or deleted as needed.


Global items overhaul

The global items system was revamped to be simpler and better, and it no longer uses Jira’s options. When creating a new Checklist field, Jira won’t require admins to specify options anymore.

See the “Breaking changes” section further down for more information.

Indexing overhaul

The Checklist index size is now much smaller and offers better search capabilities.

Mandatory items enabled by default

The mandatory feature has been reworked. The previous Emphasize Mandatory Items parameter only toggled whether the asterisk showed or not. The new Mandatory Items feature now also removes the mandatory toggle button in the item’s inline editor.


  • The status label of an item can now be used to open the status menu.

  • The checklist can now be configured to only show in the issue view when at least one item is checked.

  • Users with no editing rights will now see a not-allowed cursor while hovering over a checkbox.

  • Workflow conditions and validators can now be filtered using the condition system (JQL).

  • Workflow post functions now offer tools to modify item statuses.

  • The Checklist Read-Only Proxy banner text can now contain simple Markdown syntax.

  • A "Getting Started" app menu item was added to guide new administrators.

  • The overall user interface was improved.

Bug fixes

  • CHK-418 New item entry is lost when saving in the Edit Issue screen.

  • CHK-491 The Checklist Export to Cloud feature may have permissions issues in newer versions of Jira.

  • CHK-598 Checklist should not be editable in Agile view when jira.issue.editable is set to false in the workflow status.

  • CHK-660 Global items are not available when editing "Default Value" of a checklist field in a "Request Type" of a Service Desk/Management project.

  • CHK-685 In Agile view, if an option that was previously checked is then disabled, the checklist cannot be saved.

  • CHK-739 To prevent injection, global items can no longer contain HTML or JavaScript.

Breaking changes

For detailed information about breaking changes, see .


  • Global items were reworked and are no longer stored in options.

  • Global items do not support inline HTML for security reasons.

  • Support was removed for the Checklist V2 data format.

Scripting and API

  • Scripting that interacts with the options of a checklist custom field will no longer have any impact.

  • Script methods related to options are now deprecated, and new methods related to global items have been created (see ).

  • The REST API was updated to include the new global item structure (see ).

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