Issue conversion

Although useful, the issue conversion had its limitations when it came to mandatory fields. With this update, you can now open the Create Issue dialog when converting items.

You can now also merge all the items for conversion into a single issue, instead of splitting them into separate issues.

Power Scripts

We’ve released a free connector app that lets you interact with Checklist fields using Power Scripts. To get the connector, visit this Marketplace page.

More customizable checklist headers

You can now customize the banners and progress bars of your Checklist custom fields just like their Proxy counterparts, from their appearance to the use of custom variables. We also added a feature that lets you choose whether the checklist’s progress only takes into account mandatory items, or all items.

Configuration through REST API

You can now implement a configuration by code approach for your Checklist and Proxy custom fields, thanks to our new REST APIs.

Improved JQL functions

JQL searches can now be scoped to only search within a given section heading, making it much easier to search for segments of your checklist. We've also added the ability to search for current user assignments in the itemSearch function.

Easier support

We added a new Support page that links to our support portal. On this page, you can also generate a support file containing data specific to the Checklist for Jira app, which will cut down on the back-and-forth during support.

Other new features

  • CHK-837 The Checklist Free Form Editor now covers metadata features like the assignee, due date and priority.

  • CHK-881 JQL conditions in Workflow Post Functions, Validators and Conditions can now use the %issuekey% placeholder for more complex queries.

  • CHK-883 Workflow Conditions and Validators can now enforce user assignment to either all items or only mandatory items.

  • CHK-901 The Custom Field REST API now handles the ability to add, remove and update individual items.

Other improvements

  • chk-577 Converting an item to issue now strips any Markdown syntax from the item’s name.

  • CHK-891 Added a warning if the Checklist Post Function is positioned before the Create Issue step.

  • CHK-927 A valid license is no longer required to access the Getting Started page.

  • CHK-942 Added a warning when a Checklist Post Function with a JQL condition is placed before the indexing step.

  • CHK-1085 The projects in the template lists now show their respective project icons.

Bug fixes

  • CHK-938 Some values failed to be set in Post Functions when they started or ended with extra spaces.

  • CHK-1109 The code block Markdown element was not wrapping.

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