Creating, editing or deleting configuration scheme contexts

You need administrator rights in Jira to perform the tasks on this page.

Once you have gone to the Custom fields page (see, you can create new configuration scheme contexts, edit existing ones, or delete ones that are no longer needed.

These functions exist for all custom fields in Jira, not just for the Checklist app. For more information, see Configuring a custom field in the Atlassian Jira documentation.

When you are creating or editing a configuration scheme context, you will need to choose what issue types and projects the configuration scheme will apply to:

Jira’s limitation on multiple contexts

In Jira, each custom field can have one global configuration scheme context. It can also have multiple other configuration scheme contexts, which each apply to one or more projects and to one or more issue types.

The limitation is that for a given custom field, you cannot have two configuration scheme contexts that apply to the same project. For Jira’s official response to this feature request, see the associated Jira ticket.

As a workaround, we recommend creating two different custom fields. This will enable you to create a custom configuration scheme context for each one, which can then both be associated with the project in question.

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