Unchecking specific items during a transition

You need administrator rights in Jira to perform the tasks on this page.

Using a post function, you can automatically uncheck one or more checklist items after a workflow transition occurs. For example, you could configure the post function so that if a tested issue goes back into development, the test items are unchecked.

To set up the post function:

  1. Create a Modify Checklists post function (for details, see https://okapya.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CHKDOC5/pages/1951563799).

  2. While you are configuring the post function parameters, select the checklist(s) that you want to uncheck items in. If you want to uncheck items in all checklists, do not select any checklists.


  3. In the Operations section, for Existing Items - Completion, select Uncheck items matching the following regular expression and write the desired regular expression. The example shown below will uncheck items that start with “Test” or “Validate”:


  4. In the Conditions section, apply conditional rules if you want your checklist item(s) to only be unchecked when specific conditions are met (for details, see https://okapya.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/CHKDOC5/pages/1951563799).

You should test the workflow transition to make sure that the item(s) are unchecked as expected.

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