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Released 2018-04-12


  • [CHK-21] - As a Developer, I want to see the status of the checklist in the card layout so that I can know how many items are left unresolved
  • [CHK-89] - As an Admin, I want to have a workflow condition preventing the initiation of a workflow when checklist items are incomplete
  • [CHK-90] - As an Admin, I want to specify the number of items applicable to the workflow validator so that I control how many items are required to let the transition go on
  • [CHK-94] - As an Admin, I want a validator option to validate all checklists in a given workflow
  • [CHK-141] - As a User, I want to search for checklist items with particular statuses so that I can focus on them
  • [CHK-147] - As a Developer, I want to update Checklist via a REST API so that I can change them programmatically
  • [CHK-151] - As a admin, I want to customize the list of statuses that a checklist item can be in so that I can better adapt it to my workflow.
  • [CHK-160] - As an Admin, I want to have a post-function workflow rule based on JQL so that I can better configure the checklist
  • [CHK-161] - As a Developer, I want to set the checklist directly from the Agile board so that I don't have to edit the issue first
  • [CHK-175] - As a Developer, I want to search for checklist with no items checked so that I can focus on issues where nothing has been done
  • [CHK-176] - As a Developer, I want to search for checklist with a percentage of items checked so that I can focus on issues partially done
  • [CHK-205] - As a Admin, I want a post workflow function to uncheck specific items so that I can go back in the workflow and revert what was done
  • [CHK-214] - As an Admin, I don't want a closed/resolved issue to be updated with changes made to the options so that the closed issue remains in the same state as when it was closed
  • [CHK-250] - As a Admin, I want to lock a checklist so that no one can add new issue items
  • [CHK-267] - As an Admin, I want to prevent duplicating items during a transition so that someone clicking twice on the transition doesn't end up with too many duplicated items
  • [CHK-268] - As an Admin, I want to completely lock the checklist so that only approved users can modify it


  • [CHK-58] - Enable save-on-blur on Checklist customfield
  • [CHK-145] - Commit changes in opened inline editor when saving Checklist
  • [CHK-155] - Add status changes to the history
  • [CHK-158] - Support multi-language (French and German)
  • [CHK-177] - Add Status to XML, CSV, HTML export and Search Result
  • [CHK-261] - Rework UI to be more similar to the Cloud version
  • [CHK-269] - Make "show more count" default value 0 so that by default all items are shown


  • [CHK-78] - Changing project on Create Issue screen doesn't update the checklists with their new and proper context
  • [CHK-157] - Deselecting and selecting the Checklist visibility checkbox in the "Configure Fields" lead to an invalid checklist.
  • [CHK-168] - Changing an item text and immediately pressing the customfield ok (check) button, ignores the changes
  • [CHK-178] - Post-Workflow function not run when no checklist is selected in the Applicable Checklist field.
  • [CHK-180] - Workflow function not correctly appending items when issue checklist items exist
  • [CHK-186] - When a customfield has many contexts, options added to the last context appears in the first context but only in the configuration page.
  • [CHK-200] - Checklist not initialized in some screens (e.g Bulk Edit Operation, Customfield Configuration) Screen
  • [CHK-201] - When "hide checked" filter is on, "Unchek all" doesn't show the previously hidden checked items
  • [CHK-222] - ChecklistProxy: "Invalid customfield with ID: null" messages in log file
  • [CHK-229] - HTML Links not properly rendered in search view
  • [CHK-253] - Reset Checklist does not reset the status from global items
  • [CHK-265] - Unable to use statuses when checklist is edited directly from the issue view in a Jira Service Desk project.
  • [CHK-266] - Browser freezes when multiple issues are rapidly accessed in succession from the search or project view
  • [CHK-306] - Editing an item an filling it with many blank spaces exits the edit mode when pressing "enter"
  • [CHK-338] - Adaptavist Scriptrunner cannot hide the Checklist form field when using the setHidden(true/false) method
  • [CHK-372] - Deleting an option doesn't properly warn user that checklists with that option currently exist.
  • [CHK-374] - Project import fails on options previously removed from the imported project