Building a checklist in a single document using Markdown syntax

Project managers may want to keep a common text document so that they can quickly copy and paste the contents of a checklist. This can be done in the free-form editor using Markdown syntax.

Whenever a checklist is edited in the free-form editor, the following metadata is lost (but don’t worry, you’ll be warned first!):

  • Assignee

  • Priority

  • Due date

To build a checklist in a single document:

  1. In a text document, write a checklist using basic Markdown syntax (for details, see

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 [X] Create the list of tests that need to be done [ ] Write the tests >> To write the tests, you can do: - This - That [ ]* Run tests (mandatory!!)
  2. Copy and paste the contents of your text document into the free-form editor (for details, see


  3. Click Save. The checklist will be displayed:

Similarly, to extract the contents of a checklist from Jira, just open the free-form editor and copy the syntax to a text file.

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