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Operations can be performed automatically at the end of a workflow transition. To learn more about Configuring Workflows and Workflow Functions, please consult the Atlassian Documentation.

Sometimes, checklists need to be adapted to a particular workflow. The Checklist post-workflow function allows you to perform operation on one or many checklists.

Function NameEnter a name that will help you identify this function when displayed among all the other post workflow transition functions.
Applicable ChecklistsSelect which Checklist should receive the operations. If none are selected, then all checklists applicable to the transitioning issue will be modified.
Uncheck all itemsRemove all check marks from the checklist.
Checklist Items

Enter all the items that you want to add to the Checklist after the transition. You can Append to the current checklist or Replace the current items.

If you select replace with no items in the list, the checklist will be reset to its initial state i.e. an empty checklist if no global items exist.

Global items are immutable

If you select Replace, be advised that checklist items which were added as global items via the customfield configuration page will not be removed. These items are immutable. If you want to completely replace the Checklist, then ensure that no global checklist items have been entered in the configuration page.

Conditional Rules

Build rules that will be evaluated. If all the rules are evaluated to true then the operations are performed on the checklist. If any of the rule is evaluated to false, the operations are not applied. You can currently build rules based on:

  • Issue type
  • Issue labels

If no rules are created, the operations will always be performed on the checklist.

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