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Global vs Local items

One particularity of Checklist is the capability of having items global to all issues and items particular to an issue. During edit mode, global items cannot be removed or have their text modified. They can only be marked as completed. Global items are added as options in the Checklist Configuration Page.

Marking an item as completed

In the edit mode, you will be able to change the state of a checklist item by simply selecting the checkbox beside the item. It will then toggle the check mark inside the box to set the item as completed or not. When the item cannot be edited, clicking on the text will also toggle the check mark.

IE 9 and 10 issue

In certain cases following an inline edition, IE 9 and 10 will have difficulties with clicking on the the checkbox. If you have trouble clicking on the checkbox, try to click in the upper half of the checkbox.


Adding an item to the issue

To add a checklist item to the issue, simply focus on the text area underneath the list and start typing. Press the enter key to convert the text into a checklist item.

The markup syntax used in Checklist v2 can be used as well in order to initialize the checklist item at the same time without leaving the text area.


* Item 1

Creates a mandatory checklist item. Equivalent to not typing the asterisk at all.
** Item 2Creates a mandatory checklist item but checked.
(*) Item 3Creates an optional checklist item.
(**) Item 4Creates an optional checklist item but checked.


Editing an item

To edit local items (to the issue), simply click anywhere on the text or on the pencil icon which appears when you move over the item. This will open the inline editor where you will be able to change the text but also to make the item mandatory or delete it. Clicking on the Save button or anywhere outside of the editor will commit the changes. To cancel the changes, you absolutely need to click on the Cancel button. The global items which cannot be edited are always displayed at the top of the list and do not show a pencil icon when moved over.

Reordering items

You can reorder items which are local to the issue. To do so, simply move over an item, click and old its drag bar and start moving the item to the desired position.

You cannot move an item all the way to the top when global items are present in the Checklist.

You can actually drag and item by clicking it anywhere. You do not need to absolutely use the drag bar.

When dragging an item which spans multiple lines, it is possible that you encounter some difficulties moving the item to the desired position. If you have items that spans multiple lines and want to move an item down, click on the bottom of the drag bar. Similarly, click at the top of the drag bar to move the item up.

Bulk operations (Check, Uncheck, Reset)

You can select and deselect all the checklist items in one step by accessing the gear menu at the top right corner. You can also Reset the checklist which will remove all items and reset the global items.

Restricting edition of items

If you want to prevent anyone from modifying checklist items (add, remove, modify text), you can set, from the configuration page, the role that a user must have in order to be able to enter the inline edit mode. Users not having the edit role will still be able to mark items as completed and set their statuses.

On top of assigning the role, you can set the parameter allowing the reporter of the issue to edit the items even if he is not a member of the editor role.

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